Knowing God

At Restoration we are called to know God deeper. We know everyone's relationship with God looks different. No matter where your relationship is, join us as we grow together.

Establishing a Relationship

We are all born separated from our creator. As we grow older we come to understand the space between us as our sin. Yet God wants to be with us in relationship, so he sent his son, Jesus Christ, to live, die, and rise again, freeing us from our sin.

We remind you of the invitation to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and establish a relationship with God, you're creator. If you are deciding to follow Jesus Christ as Lord for the first time, please click "I WANT TO FOLLOW JESUS" below. We would love to follow up and come alongside you in your walk. 


One of the greatest callings we have is to be baptized upon believing and following Jesus Christ. If you are a follower of Jesus and have not been baptized click the button below so we can connect and talk about next steps.

Growing my Relationship

Often times we find ourselves beginning a walk with God, only to later become mislead, distracted and preoccupied with various other things. Join us as we grow our relationships with God as a community. We see this happening through established spiritual disciplines, small groups, serving, and the Holy Spirit's continual transformation.